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Märchenwald (Fairy Tale Forest) in the Isar Valley in Wolfratshausen

Hedgehog Train in the Märchenwald Isar Valley

Just a 20 minutes' ride takes you from Munich to this lovely spot in the Isar Valley. Meet Snow White, Ali Baba, the famous German never-do-wells Max and Moritz and many more characters from well-known fairy tales and let them tell their story - in English if you wish. All you have to do is push a button and the characters come to "live".

Moreover, you will find many fun rides and playgrounds. The attractions are mainly appealing to younger children and there is even a playground for babies. However, the older ones will also find things to enjoy like the Harry Potter climbing parcours, the astronaut tester or the "squirrel" rollercoaster (called "Oachkatzlbahn" which is a word that even non-Bavarian Germans have problems to pronounce!).

There are several idyllic resting areas where you can have a picknick or where you can just relax. Of course there is also a beer garden that offers food and drinks.

A park plan guiding your way through the fairy tale forest is available in English.


Freizeitpark Märchenwald im Isartal
Kräuterstraße 39
82515 Wolfratshausen
Phone: +49 8171-38 55 838
Fax: +49 8171-38 55 835

Opening Hours

The season starts at the end of March/beginning of April and goes until October. For exact dates please contact the park administration under the above phone number or have a look at the website!
The park is not open on days of steady rain.
Daily openening hours: 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, admittance until 4:00 pm

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