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Bicycle Tours and Long Distance Cycling Trails in Allgäu and Bavarian Swabia

You will enjoy biking in one of the most beautiful areas of Germany. Several long distance cycling trails start and end here and those sections leading through the Allgaeu are particularly beautiful. Further details on the tours listed below can be found in the German version of the Guide-to-Bavaria or inquired after at the respective local tourist information.

Cycling in Allgaeu and Bavarian Swabia

Allgaeu Trail

113 km
This trail takes you across the hilly, densley wooded landscape  at the foothills of the Allgaeu Alps. It uses low-traffic roads and disused railways between Isny i. Allgaeu and Kempten (Allgaeu), and between Kaufbeuren and Schongau, respectively.

Lakes Bodensee/Koenigssee Trail

414 km
Crossing the Alpine foothills, this trail comes with an abundance of great views of the Alps, idyllic lakes, and forests.

Lake Bodensee Loop Trail

20 km
Paved and yet apart from the traffic, this route takes you around Lake Bodensee.

Danube-Haertsfeld Trail

15 km
On a disused railway, this trail connects “Haertsfeld“ in Wuerttemberg (at Neresheim Monastery) and Dillingen by the Danube River.


Danube Trail

434 km
Between Neu-Ulm and Hoechstaedt a.d.Donau, this trail follows the Danube River through the vast, flat Danube Valley.

Donauried Trail

20 km
From Dillingen a.d.Donau, this trail takes a south-east direction on low-traffic roads across the rural Donauried and over a mountain ridge into the Zusam Valley.

Iller River Trail

148 km
Most of this trail runs alongside the Iller River, crossing extensive floodplain forests in the North.

Kammel Valley Trail

71 km
This trail takes you on low-traffic roads without much of a climb across the idyllic Kammel Valley in Central Swabia.

Kneipp Trail

50 km
On cycle paths and low-traffic roads, the trail leads across the hills of the Southern Swabian Moraine country.

“Landrat-Dr.-Frey“ Trail

32 km
On a disused railway, this trail takes you from Welden to Neusaess, a town bordering on Augsburg in the West.

Paar Valley Tour

98 km
Passing the lovely meadows by the Danube and Paar Rivers, this trail runs alongside the Paar on dirt tracks and low-traffic roads, across asparagus and hops growing areas.

Romantic Road

359 km
The “Romantic Road” trail follows the famous tourist route from Wuerzburg to Fuessen.

Swabian Alb – Altmuehl Valley Trail

46 km
This route takes you from Noerdlingen to Wemding, cutting from the geologically significant Ries Crater across the fertile plateau.

Cycle Touring Trail Gunzenhausen-Hahnenkamm-Ries

29 km
The „Tourist Biking Trail Gunzenhausen-Hahnenkamm-Ries" starts its ascent from Spielberg with its medieval castle and leads high above the Altmuehl Valley.

Zusam Trail

135 km
The Zusam Trail takes you from the Southern foothills of the Franconian Alb over rather hilly country to Donauwoerth.

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