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Highlights of the Ammergau Alps

Highlights of the Ammergau Alps

Ettal Monastery

Ettal Monastery

Even today, Ettal with its world-famous Benedictine monastery remains one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. Mental and liquid spirits blend perfectly in Ettal: monks have been composing the smoothest liqueurs here since the old days; their products now enjoy a worldwide reputation.

The monastries brewery is almost unique: As one of the very few privately owned breweries, this one remains in the experienced hands of the monks. Brewed in accordance with the rigid Bavarian purity law, they produce quality beers made possible only by great care, a lot of experience, the pure water of the Ammergau Mountains, and selected raw materials. Since the summer of 2005, Ettal offers yet another attraction: Visitors can now tour the "show cheese dairy Ammergauer Alpen" and witness the production of local specialties.

Linderhof Palace

Linderhof Castle

Only 12 km away from Ettal lie the unique and fantastic gardens of Lindenhof Palace, which is said to have been the favorite palace of the Bavarian fairy-tale king Ludwig II. The king certainly shaped life in the Ammerhau Alps and left his traces in many places of the region. "The King was here".

Oberammergau - Irrevocably Connected with Life and Death of Jesus Christ

Oberammergau Passion Play: the TheaterThe historic roots of the Oberammergau Passion Play can be found in a vow that Oberammergau citizens made in 1633: The Plague had reached Oberammergau. When numerous residents had fallen victim to the epidemic, remaining townsfolk vowed to perform their Passion Play on a regular basis. On stage every ten years since 1634, the Passion Play has spread the name of Oberammergau around the world - and the world returns as a guest to this truly unique village time and again. These days, during  summer, top-notch opera performances are given in the Passion Playhouse.

On top of that, Oberammergau is also known for its beautiful facade paintings and its world-famous wood carvings - examples of great artistry that can be seen both in the Pilatus House and in the Museum Oberammergau.

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