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Bad Birnbach

Welcome to Bad Birnbach

Bad Birnbach Mitte

Location and Climate

Bad Birnbach is located in the southern part of Lower Bavaria, between the rivers Danube, Rott and Inn, in the rural landscape of the Rott valley. Surrounded by tertiary hill country and more than 350 metres altitude difference, this area has a balanced climate with little rain and foehn winds.

Therapy and relaxation

The local thermal mineral springs (fluoride-containing sodium hydrogen carbonate chloride thermal springs with a temperature of 60-70 degrees Celsius, measured directly at the spring) feed the wellness and therapy centre Rottal Therme with 2100sqm water surface. The water serves for special local therapies, physiotherapy and autogenic training in spa-water.

Bad BirnbachPossible treatments include: affections of the muscular-skeletal system, chronically inflamed rheumatic diseases, degenerative conditions of the joints and spine, chronic forms of soft part rheumatism. Treatments also often take place after operations and injuries to the locomotor system.

Bad Birnbach also spoils its visitors with a Fit and Vital Relaxation Spa with Aroma-Sundeck, a Health Garden, a therapy bath with physiotherapy and “HAUTcouture” (for skin treatments), a Vitarium with sauna facilities and paradise garden, an aroma department, beauty and care baths, e.g. a Rasul bath, Cleopatra bath, evening primrose bath and hay and herb baths with aroma massages.

Art, culture and customs

Bad Birnbach has more to offer to its guests than its position as an esteemed rural spa. The new Artrium for example is the new meeting point for locals and visitors. It hosts jazz and cabaret events as well as customary festivals and processions.

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