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Bad Kissingen

Welcome to Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen has become more and more popular throughout the centuries. Former German and Austrian emperors recognised not only its charm but also its valuable natural resources and came to visit frequently. Now guests from all over Germany and Europe flock to Bad Kissingen each year. Visitors are mesmerized by the magnificent gardens, parks and historical buildings.

A whole variety of natural resources can be found here, including different kinds of rare spring waters that have a high content of special minerals and substances that intensify the healing process of countless illnesses. A special kind of local peaty mud is also popular as a body pack which helps to cure arthritis, rheumatism and skin disorders. The establishments provide up-to-date medical appliances and healing techniques thus turning Bad Kissingen into the heart of first class medical care. The ultra-modern and appealing KissSalis Thermae offers a whole array of treatments that promote health and well-being. Alternatively, the tranquility of the historical "Kurhausbad" allows guests to relax during more traditional treatments.

Anyone who appreciates the arts will be impressed by the many concerts, plays, art displays, festivals and exhibitions that Bad Kissingen has to offer. Its policy of success is to provide entertainment for its guests, not only during holiday season, but throughout the whole year.

Guests feel immediately at home when they see the magnificence of the gardens. Take a stroll around the flourishing Rose Garden with its wonderful fan-shaped fountain and the neighbouring "Kurgarten", where you can stroll and relax whilst enjoying the sounds of the "Kurorchester". Or take a walk along the majestic Frankonian Saale river which runs through the charming "Luitpoldpark". Bad Kissingen lies at the heart of the Rhön National Park. It is not only the perfect area to hike and cycle but also has many interesting and historic places to discover.

Enjoy the Frankonian hospitality, stroll around the pretty shops in the pedestrian plaza, or try out some of the many sport and leisure activities. The list of things to do in Bad Kissingen is endless, there is so much to see. Come on a visit and indulge yourself in Bad Kissingen´s charm.

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