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Bamberg – World Heritage Fascination

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Breathe the air of past centuries and experience the world heritage city of beautyful Bamberg. With one of Europe's largest intact old town centres, Bamberg is an outstanding cultural and architectural highlight of every tour through Bavaria, and also the secret capital of beer!

There is definitely no way to avoid art and culture in Bamberg!

Proof of this is the Old Town that was formed in more than thousand years. Today, it constitutes a very unique townscape.

Old Town HallThis uniqueness and the model-like structures of an early medieval town which were preserved until today, were the reasons why the UNESCO added Bamberg's Old Town to the world cultural heritage list.

Bamberg enjoys a great reputation as a city of music and theatre, for which the world-famous Bamberg Symphony Orchestra are held accountable as well as a number of high-class theatres, led by the E.T.A.-Hoffmann-Theatre. Fifteen Museums - some of them of  Top-European rank - display a large variety of unique collections and some very rare objects.

As an old diocesan city, numerous churches are to be found in Bamberg. Some of them are a must-see for your visit to the city. Bamberg has more than 8500 students enrolled at the Otto-Friedrich-University. They are responsible for keeping the pubs crowded until late at night .... Last but not least Bamberg features a very unique beer cultur that expresses itself in various forms, ranging from brewery inns to the "Beer Kellers" (local term for the beer gardens) and some beer sorts like the smoky beer (Rauchbier) that are specific to Bamberg. Enjoy!

Surrounding Area

Castle GeyerswoerthThe privileged situation of Bamberg, at the confluence of the rivers Main and Regnitz, embedded in a fascinating countryside and natural parks, makes the city an ideal base for tours to discover the beauty of the surrounding area.

It is not easy to turn one's back on Bamberg but it is worth leaving the city for a few hours to discover the charm of the countryside in Germany's green heart.

On both sides of the River Main, the nature parks  Steigerwald and Hassberge offer dreamy places to escape from the daily hectic. A green place to rest, with castles, fortresses, calm and many ways for historical explorations. In the Hassberge, there are three dozen outstanding castles. And where can castles be more idyllic than in Franconian Switzerland, to the East of Bamberg? Castle Gössweinstein, castle Rabenstein, or the picturesque castle Pottenstein, which is built on bizarre rocks, are perfect examples of German romanticism.

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