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Bavaria Filmstadt ("Film Town")

Bavaria Filmstadt: An exciting trip to the Metropolis of Stars!

A trip to the Bavaria Filmstadt will provide film fans of all ages with an exciting look inside one of Germany‘s most successful studios.
For almost 40 years now, the Filmstadt has guided its guests through their most famous movie sets giving them the most authentic experience possible by bringing them close to industry professionals, whose creativity and experimentalism have made many film concepts a success.

During the 90 minute tour, visitors will discover new facts about big cinematic highlights exciting TV productions as they wander around various filming locations such as the iconic submarine from the Wolfgang Petersen classic „Das Boot“ as well as the wildly popular viking village from „Vicky the Viking“.
One set, based on the popular German soap opera „Sturm der Liebe“ (Storm of Love), allows participants to act out a scene at a hotel reception desk, after which they can witness the editing and production of the footage live on set.

Another point of interest for international guests is the BULLYVERSUM („Bully-verse)“), a famous attraction available in the Filmstadt since 2011. it showcases a variety of worlds and characters created by acclaimed German comedian and director Michael „Bully“ Herbig.
There’s also a 4D movie theatre that combines state of the art technology, featuring an IOSONO sound system, with dazzling visuals to create a thrilling experience. The programme currently includes the „WILD WEST MINE RIDE“ and the animated adventure „Looney Tunes - The Experience“. 

The Visual Effects studio offers exciting activities during which guests learn about the making of computer generated specials and methods that were used in the earlier times of filmmaking.

In 2019 the new exhibition „Bavaria Film - An interactive time travel through 100 years of film and television had its grand opening at the brand new Filmstadt Atelier. Covering 1500 square metres on two floors, this fascinating project will provide visitor with a never-before-seen insight into exclusive archive material and original props, decorations and cost  

Open daily!

Bavaria Filmstadt
Bavariafilmplatz 7
82031 Geiselgasteig
Telefon: 089/64992000
Telefax: 089/64993152


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