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From Straubing/Mariaposching via Domazlice to Furth im Wald.

The Baierweg trail is one of the numerous old commercial routes that connected Bavaria and Bohemia (Czech Republic) from the Danube to the crests of the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest.

Bavarian Forest

The time of its development as well as its route are closely connected to the history of the Counts of Bogen. This dynasty purchased numerous possessions in the Hohenbogen area in the 11th and 12th century and at the same time received Bohemian fiefdom due to close contacts to the Bohemian Royal House (mainly by marriage).

To take care of their possessions in a safe and time-saving manner, the Counts of Bogen had new trails built on older, previously existing paths. After the end of the Bogen Count Dynasty the Baierweg trail has remained an important connection within the Bavarian-Bohemian borderland.


Straubing Theresien Square

Route Option 1 of the Baierweg trail starts in Straubing and leads you through the Danube Valley up to the Bogenberg Mountain. Behind the city of Bogen it leads East towards the mountains of the Bohemian Forest, which are reached in Hofdorf. From there you climb the first mountain towards the Windberg monastery. The trail then goes on along the Bogenbach Valley via Steinberg and Neukirchen to Obermühlbach. The first steep ascent takes you past the pilgrimage chapel „Weiße Marter” to Sankt Englmar.

Route Option 2 starts at the Danube Ferry in Mariaposching. Through fields and meadows you cross the Danube plain until you reach Niederwinkling. From there you wander through a hilly area with small brooks, valleys, meadows, forests and villages. Via Schwarzach you finally get to Perasdorf and the Bogenbach stream. After crossing the stream you climb up the main crest of the Bavarian Forest. Both options of the Baierweg trail meet just before Meinstorf and lead you from there to Sankt Englmar.

From Sankt Englmar a steady up and down leads you via Kollnburg, Viechtach and Pirka to the Höllenstein Lake. From here you climb up a steep slope to a mountain ridge that leads from Ludwigsturm to Kötzting. Behind Kötzting you pass the 1000-year-old linden tree in Ried and then climb the Haidstein Mountain. On top of the mountain you can visit a little church and then start the descent. From Liebenstein you wander across soft hills until you reach Rimbach.

From here the trail goes on to Neukirchen b. Heiligen Blut past the wooded mountain ridge of the Hohenbogen mountain (with a steep ascent and descent). Behind the pilgrimage church of Neunkirchen you climb up to Vorderbuchberg and wander through large forests until you reach the border at Neuaign.

Behind the border you follow the road through the villages of Všeruby and Hájek and then you stroll across the wooded hills of Ráj and Cepice to Kdyne. Next, there is a steep ascent to the summit of the Koráb mountain, where the trail leads along a wooded mountain crest past several ruins of old fortresses. After the ruin on the Ryzmberk mountain you wander along a magnificent path seemed with oak trees until you reach ZahoÍany. Strolling on quiet country roads you get to Domañlice with its beautiful town square.

A little road lined with trees takes you to the city of Újezd. From there a nice small path leads via the Hrádek hill to Trhanov and then through a forest to the Lake of Babylon.

On a beautiful forest path you finally reach Ceská Kubice. From there it isn’t far to the Bavarian-Bohemian border, which you cross on an ancient path. The road leading to Furth im Wald, the endpoint of the Baierweg, offers great views.

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