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Kelten Erlebnisweg (Celtic Experience Trail)

The 220-km-long Keltenerlebnisweg (Celtic Experience Trail) is a long-distance trail between Thuringia and Bavaria. The name has its origin in the numerous monuments and museums along the route, which remind of Celtic times. The trail which is signposted with a symbol of a Celtic brooch connects the Gleichberge mountains in Thuringia with the Bavarian Hassberge mountains.

Celtic Experience Trail: signThe Celtic Experience Trail takes you back into the past of Thuringia and Franconia. One of the most popular sights along its route is the Vorgeschichtsmuseum in Bad Königshofen with its prehistoric collections. The celtic brooch which is pictured on the trail's sign is known as "Vogelkopffibel”. A brooch of this kind was found near Knetzgau in the Hassberge area. It dates back to 450 B.C.

The Bavarian part of the route runs along the western fringe of the Hassberge Nature Park and the Steigerwald Forest. It leads past some of the most significant Celtic settlements in southern Thuringia and Franconia.

It also takes hikers to prehistoric mountain settlements (e.g. Schwanberg, Schwedenschanze, Small Gleichberg and Dolmar). There are as many as five museums along the route, where you can find out more about the Celtic culture.

Starting point of the trail is the city of Meiningen. Passing Römhild, Bad Königshofen, Großmannsdorf, Zeil am Main, Ebrach, Markt Einersheim it finally ends in Bad Windsheim.

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