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Hiking in BavariaFrankenweg (Franconia Trail)

From the Rennsteig to the Swabian Alp

Discover Franconia – enjoy great hiking!

The 527-km-long Frankenweg (Franconia Trail) is the first long-distance hiking trail in Germany to be awarded a certificate of quality by the German Hiking Association. From the Rennsteig in the Franconian Forest the trail leads hikers through five Franconian holiday regions: the Upper Main Valley-Coburger Land, Franconian Switzerland, the Franconian Alp, the Franconian Lake Country and the Altmühl Valley.

The Franconia Trail is one of the most beautiful and most diversified hiking trails in Germany, offering amazing views and memorable moments. Discover scenic and cultural-historical highlights of Bavaria on the way.

Hiking on the Frankenweg

The new trails were re-designed mainly avoiding asphalt tracks. The Franconian Trail takes you from the end of the Rennsteig through the Franconian Forest, the “Green Crown of Bavaria”, which is one of the last areas in Germany that are still mainly covered by dense woods. There, the trail leads you past high plateaus which offer great views and through narrow valleys with lush meadows.

Hiking through „God's Garden": the Upper Main Valley / Coburger Land. With its soft hills and wide valleys, its colorful flowers in spring and its flavorsome fruit in fall. Johann Gottfried Herder called this area with its beautiful lakes and romantic valleys „the most beautiful area of the world“.

In the Nature Park Franconian Switzerland you will find dolomite rocks, fruit orchards, romantic villages and 170 medieval castles. Make sure you visit one of the 1000 stalactite caves, some of which are lining the trail.

After hiking through Franconian Switzerland you reach the Franconian Hills where you will find bizarre and diversified landscapes. From several high-rise rock towers you can enjoy a great view of wide meadows and soft hills.

The Altmühl Valley Nature Park, Germany’s largest nature park, also offers special highlights, ranging from extended forests to juniper meadows and karst caves. On the banks of the Altmühl and its tributaries there are numerous Roman and Celtic relicts to be found.

At the end of the trail you reach the Franconian Lakes Country. Between blooming meadows, fruit orchards and dense pine forests countless lakes are lined up next to each other, inviting hikers to go for a swim in the refreshing waters.Frankenweg sign

The Frankenweg trail is clearly marked by signs saying „Frankenweg - Vom Rennsteig bis zur Schwäbischen Alb“.

Hikers will find information boards, with maps and details about the route along the trail.

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