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The 660-km-long Goldsteig trail leads from Marktredwitz to Passau and is the longest and most diversified long-distance hiking trail in Germany.

The Goldsteig - two routes

The Goldsteig stretches from the Burgenweg in the northwest to the fringes of the Upper Palatinate Forest and then splits up into two different routes:

The south route runs across the beautiful mountain ridges of the Bavarian Forest towards Passau.

Along the north route, mountains are lined up one after the other. It leads through the national park, along the border with Bohemia, to the Dreisessel mountain and finally to Passau.

The Goldsteig - an award-winning trail

Hiking on the Goldsteig trailThe Goldsteig trail has been awarded the certificate of a “quality trail”, which means that its routes are hiker-friendly, with natural paths and trails, as well as great views and fascinating and diversified forest and river landscapes.

Of course there are also numerous pubs as well as interesting sights and places that invite hikers to take a break and discover the area. The trail is well signposted. The Germa Hiking Association reviews the quality of the trail every three years. The certificate is only awarded to trails that meet all criteria.

In 2007 the Goldsteig was awarded the certificate "Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland" for the first time.

For more information visit www.goldsteig.com (information in German only).

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