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Pandurensteig ("Pandures steep track")

The 180-km-long trail leads hikers from Waldmünchen to Passau. It takes about 8 to 10 days to hike along the whole trail in several legs.

The name Pandurensteig goes back to a corps of Pandures (slavic mercenaries that left a trail of blood in the Bavarian Mountains after the War of Austrian Succession in 1742) which invaded Bavaria in 1742. This is also why the symbol of the scimitar is used to guide the hikers along this diversified route through the Bavarian Forest.

Sundown in the Bavarian Forest

The route we have chosen leads you through the Bavarian Forest Nature Park: first along scenic foot paths through the nature reserve "Großer Pfahl", then past the ruins of Weißenstein Castle, from there across wooded hills until you reach the romantic valley of the Ilz River. On the Ilztalweg which leads you past hillside forests and floodplains you finally reach the city of Passau.

The route

From Waldmünchen we stroll through the romantic mountain area of the Upper Bavarian Forest Nature Park until we get to the town of Cham.

From Cham the route leads us through the „Chamer Senke“ (Cham Dip), past the bird sanctuary Rötelseeweiher, Thierlstein castle, the town Moosbach until we reach Prackenbach. From here we head towards Patersdorf. Past the ruins of Weißenstein Castle the Pandurenstieg trail leaves the „Pfahl“ area and runs towards Rinchnach.

The next part of the trail is from Rinchnach with its monastery to Spiegelau (glass production). On an interesting up-and-down route the trail takes us first to Perlesreut and then to the valley of the Ilz River and further on to Fürsteneck.

The last bit of the route runs from Fürsteneck to the beautiful town of Passau. Along the easy and beautiful walk through the Ilz valley we find numerous information boards providing details about ecological and cultural facts. From Kalteneck we wander along the river Ilz (on the left or on the right hand side of the river) until we reach Hals. From there we can take a city bus or walk into the center of Passau, the city of three rivers.

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