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Via Alpina

The Project

Via Alpina mapThe Alps are a unique area of almost 200,000km² stretching over eight countries in Europe – France, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. They are one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

It is an area that offers opportunities for exploring history and culture and allows visitors to experience the shared Alpine way of life, which can be discovered through an extensive network of local, regional and national trails intended for hikers of all levels.

On the initiative of the French association La Grande Traversée des Alpes, institutions, associations and professional organisations in these eight countries have been working together to create the Via Alpina, the first recognised walking trail described in multilingual documentation linking Trieste on the Adriatic Coast to Monaco and the Mediterranean.

Via Alpina has been officially recognised as genuinely contributing to the implementation of the Alpine Convention, which seeks to ensure sustainable development in the Alps.

The figures

Via Alpina: signVia Alpina covers eight countries, 30 regions, cantons or länder, and more than 200 communes.

From sea level to 3000m

The Via Alpina passes from one shoreline to another and the highest point is at 3017m at the Niederjoch pass (Italian-Austrian border).

5000 Km

The Via Alpina route that was revised and adopted by all those involved in early 2001 comprises five different sections: the red, purple, yellow, green and blue trails, which together represent more than three hundred stages and approximately 5000km of walking trails.

341 daily stages: a year’s worth of walking

  • Italy: 121 stages
  • Austria: 70 stages
  • Switzerland: 54 stages
  • France: 40 stages
  • Germany: 30 stages
  • Slovenia: 22 stages
  • Liechtenstein: 3 stages
  • Monaco: 1 stage (including 58 cross-border stages)

Red trail: 161 stages. Trail linking Trieste and Monaco across all eight countries.
Purple trail: 66 stages. Slovenia, Austria, Germany.
Yellow trail: 40 stages. Italy, Austria, Germany.
Green trail: 13 stages. Liechtenstein, Switzerland.
Blue trail: 61 stages. Switzerland, Italy, France.

For more information visit www.via-alpina.com

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