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Hang gliding

Take off into the air or dive into icy waters and activate your energy. Does that sound like an invitation to take part in a survival training? Well, it is more of an appeal to get back on nature's track.

mountain climbingIn the air, in and on the water, to concentrate on what is really important, brings you active pleasure and pure joy in life. The adventure and sport opportunities offered by our outdoor facilities make everything possible.

Carried by thermal lifts you and your partner are floating bird-like above ground, far away from the demands of everyday life. Alternatively, you can find your balance in a high ropes course, jump into a gurgling mountain stream or find new energy on a rafting tour. Equipped with a protective neoprene suit you can conquer deep gorges. In wild, roaring waters you’ll forget your everyday life and find yourself again.

For new perspectives change your point of view and your vision of life.

If you want to approach this experience gently, you should float silently above the dream landscape of Bavaria. Just as quietly and only accompanied by the wind, the gliders have three locations from which to start their slow circles over the imposing peaks of Bavaria.

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