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Bavarian Cuisine

Bavarian Cusine and beer gardenBavarian cuisine is a simple, hearty cuisine, rustic in its origins. It is characterized by numerous meat dishes and roasts, dumpling dishes and confections of pastry.

However, already the Bavarian dukes, led by the Wittelsbachs, advanced and refined Bavarian cuisine in order to render it fit for the court. This cuisine quickly found its way into civilian households, especially those located in the towns. The (old) Bavarian cuisine is closely related to the cuisines of Bohemia and Austria (including those of Tirol and Salzburg), for which the family relations between the House of Wittelsbach and that of Habsburg are not the only reasons.

In times long past, Altbayern (Old Bavaria) was already engaged in lively exchange with its direct neighbors due to its closeness to Austria in terms of language, culture and politics. This exchange included matters related to cuisine. The two other Bavarian tribes, the Franconians and the Swabians, have developed their own characteristic cuisine.

However, in this case, as well, a certain similarity between the Franconian and Swabian cuisines and the Bavarian cuisine cannot be denied.

Dishes that have become famous far beyond the state borders of Bavaria are:

smoked mackerelSchweinsbraten (pork roast), Schweinshaxe (pork hock), Kalbshaxenbraten (veal hock roast), Spanferkelbraten (pigling roast), Semmelknödel (bread dumpling), Kartoffelknödel (potato dumpling), Leberknödel (liver dumpling), Sauerkraut, Kohlroulade, Krautwickel, Krautspätzle, Leberknödelsuppe (liver dumpling soup), Leberspätzlesuppe, Speckknödelsuppe, Pfannkuchensuppe (pancake soup), Weißwurst, Wollwurst, Stockwurst, Regensburger (Wurst), Nürnberger Rostbratwurst, Apfelstrudel, Topfenstrudel, Kaiserschmarrn, Dampfnudeln (sweet yeast dumplings), Rohrnudeln, Schmalznudeln, Bayerisch Creme, Bayrischer Kartoffelsalat (Bavarian potato salad), Bayrischer Wurstsalat (Bavarian sausage salad), Obazda or, Franconian: Grupfter, Leberkäse, Leberkässemmel.

It goes without saying that the "guide" has selected the best restaurants for you, of which you will find a listing under the different towns and regions.

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