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Highlights in the Bavarian Forest

Highlights of the Bavarian Forest

Eastern Bavaria - Vacation with all senses

Hiking, biking, riding, recreation in beautiful mountain scenery, clean air and a relaxed atmosphere - a vacation in eastern bavaria is always a nature vacation. The landscape of the Upper Palatinate Forest and the Bavarian Forest is ideal for hiking.

Grosser Arbersee




 Kleiner Arbersee


Nature resorts in the Bavarian Forest

In 1970 the first German nature resort was inaugurated: The Bavarian Forest National Park. 1997 it was expanded. The area now covers 243 km². The Czech Sumava National Park borders directly on the nature resort Bavarian Forest.

In addition there are seven nature parks: Nature Park Steinwald, Nature Park Fanconian Switzerland- Veldersteiner Forst, Nature Park Altmühltal, Nature Park Northern Upper Palatinate Forest, Nature Park Upper Palatinate Forest, Nature Park Bavarian Forest and Nature Park Upper Bavarian Forest

Nature parks are extended, attractive culture landscapes, in most cases comprising protected nature areas. In Bavaria there are 16 nature parks, six of which are in Eastern Bavaria and two are located in the Bayerischer Wald: Nature Park Bavarian Forest und Nature Park Upper Bavarian Forest.

Nature Park Bavarian Forest

One of the oldest nature parks in Bavaria - it has been in existence since 1967. It joins the national park in the north west segment. At first it  comprised the old district of Regen only but today it also extends to the areas Deggendorf, Straubing-Bogen and Freyung-Grafenau north of the Danube and covers an area of 307.700 ha. The highlight of the nature park is  Mount Großer Arber, 1456 meters. In clear weather there is a glorious sight extending to the Alps.

Blockmeer am Lusen - one of Bavaria's natural wonders

Starting from the parking area "Lusenparkplatz" you reach the summit of Mount Lusen (1373 metres high) after an approx. 2.5 hours hike. A gigantic "sea of rock" awaits you there.  After crossing through these blocks of granit that seem to be randomly scattered on the ground, a wonderful view opens onto the Bohemian Forest, Mount Großer Rachel and Mount Falkenstein.  

Niederalteich Monastery

A benedictine monastry founded in Niederalteich in the year 731. The monks composed the Lex Baiuwariorium, the most ancient Bavarian collection of laws. Niederalteich is one of the most beautiful  baroque churches in Bavaria. The rich paintings and stucco as well as the altar which is 19 m high are highlights of church architechture.

Nature Park Upper Bavarian Forest

Forests and wonderful valleys extend around the town of Cham. The nature park Upper Bavarian Forest is one of the biggest nature resorts in Bavaria, taking the tourist on its quiet paths. History and tradition are maintained by way of colorful festivals and pilgrimages. Every year, Furth im Wald presents the oldest popular festival in Germany: Der Drachenstich zu Furth im Wald (The slaying of the dragon). From the second to the third weekend of August there are performances, a pageant and a big folk festival.

The treasure in the Silver Lake

As a result of damming the River Bavarian Schwarzach an artificial lake was formed close to Treffelstein. Set into a wonderful landscape it offers opportunities for rowing and surfing or you can simply enjoy the fresh forest air.  From the round tower (Drachenturm) of the ruins of Treffelstein castle you get a glorious view of the surroundings.

Churpfalzpark Loifling

An experience for small and big children: the adventure park with merry-go-rounds, slide park and many more attractions. In the meantime, the adults can enjoy a walk through the English garden, ride through the park and savour a glass of wine. More information in this Guide.

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