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Active Vacations in the Bavarian Golf- & Thermal Spa Region

The three main leisure activities in the Bavarian Golf- & Thermal Spa Region are cycling, golfing and swimming. The famous Bavarian Spa Triangle is to be found in this area as well as Bavaria’s best-known golf courses, where you might even bump into Franz Beckenbauer.


Discover Lower Bavaria on foot! The well-kept, extensive network of hiking trails leaves nothing to be desired. Choose between a short tour of 2-3 hours for beginners, a 1-day tour, and many other tours that lead you through this beautiful landscape.


Discover the „Green Roof of Europe” between Bavaria, Bohemia and Austria. Signposted cycle trails lead you to truly unique destinations in three different countries. On several thousand miles of cycle trails you can explore Lower Bavaria from the Bavarian Forest to the Bohemian Forest, as well as the Austrian “Muehlviertel” and Europe’s largest forest area, the “Green Roof of Europe”.


A unique golfing experience within beautiful nature: The golfing paradise Bad Griesbach is famous for its six 18-hole courses and three 9-hole courses, as well as the "Golfodrom", where you can learn golfing within the most beautiful surroundings. The whole area is historically and culturally rich and will impress you with its numerous sights. The highlight is the nearby „Three River City“, Passau.

On this map you’ll find an overview of all Bavarian golf courses.

Water sports & swimming

In Lower Bavaria, especially in the famous Spa Triangle of Bad Fuessing, Bad Griesbach and Bad Birnbach, you’ll find countless adventure pools and spas.

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