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Highlights in Lower Bavaria

Highlights for your Vacation in the Bavarian Golf- & Thermal Spa Region

Health and Wellness in in the Bavarian Golf- & Thermal Spa Region

Bad Griesbach

In recent years, this region has turned into one of Germany's leading health locations.

The medical competence is outstanding in this region with its wide variety of health and wellness.

Focus is the human being, as a guest and as a customer.

A particular highlight is the "Bayerisches Thermenland", a consortium of five different thermal spring and spa centers: Bad Füssing, Bad Griesbach, Bad Birnbach, Bad Abbach, and Bad Gögging.

Arts and Culture in the Bavarian Golf- & Thermal Spa Region


Cultural cornerstones can be found in the four cities of Passau, Deggendorf, Landshut, and Regensburg (now a World Heritage Site). But in many other towns and villages you can also find great art treasures and sights from all epochs.

The St. Martin Church in Landshut impresses visitors with its brick-lined tower, with its 131 the highest of its kind worldwide. With this church, the citizens of Landshut tried to create a building that was higher than  Trausnitz Castle.

Definitely worth a look are both the Asam Basilica in Osterhofen, and the Asam Church of Aldersbach. Another highlight of art history is the "Siebenschläferkapelle" in Rotthof.

The finest cultural treasure, however, is arguably the St. Stephean Cathedral in Passau, featuring the world's largest organ with 17,974 pipes. The cathedral is also the largest baroque structure of the 17th century north of the Alps. 

Nature of the Bavarian Golf- & Thermal Spa Region

Lower Bavaria - "Bavaria's Tuscany"

Rott ValleyThe spacious landscape of soft hills is crossed by wide river valleys and green flood plains.

The landscape is still dominated by rural life; here, it's easy to see how all of Bavaria must have been many years ago. Valuable farming land, formed by water and ice, with its hops gardens and its vegetable and wheat fields.

A landscape as unique as the people who shaped it. Go ahead and discover Lower Bavaria's nature yourself. 

The "Passau Country" ("Passauer Land") - A Natural Beauty

Extensive hiking trails lead into highmoors, river valleys, and mysterious forests. The moorlands of Pocking in their infinite vastness around Bad Füssing, the tender hills of Rottal (Rott Valley) near Griesbach and Haarbach, the romantic river valleys, and the nature hightlights of the Inn floodplains and the Danube landscape.

Stream in the Passau CountryThe river joins you on your journey through the "Danubian Pearls" Oberzell, Untergriesbach and Kellberg-Thyrnau, into a countryside of rough charme and of the playful light between hills and valleys which is so special not only during the "Blue Hour". Mermaids in Löwmühle, Obernzell, and Jochenstein will show you the way.

The Passau Area is a natural beauty with many faces, different characters, and sometimes unexpected traits. Yet it is so easy to discover: Just open your eyes; and your heart and soul will follow.

Outstanding natural attractions are: The "European Nature Reserve Lower River Inn", a world-renowned paradise of plants and birds; and also the "Donauleiten", a Danube region between Passau and Jochenstein, which owes its reputation to the variety of plant and animal species. In addition there are natural treasure such as the Bergholz in Büchlberg, a lovely habitat in an abandoned stone pit, or the highmoor near Sonnen. And those are just a few examples of the immense natural beauty of this region.

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