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Active Vacations in the Bavarian Jura

No matter whether on land or in water: there are thousands of ways to discover the different sides of the Bavarian Jura.

Hiking in the Bavarian JuraHiking

The Bavarian Jura Mountains are a hiking paradise. Discover the area by yourself or walk along signposted hiking trails, for example the “Rosskopfsteig” in the Altmuehl Valley. There are also some long distance hiking trails, for example the Way of St. James which follows the medieval hiking trails of the pilgrims. Of course there are also plenty of short hiking routes.

Cycling in the Bavarian JuraCycling

The Jura Valleys are an eldorado for cyclists, with quiet river valleys with a rich flora and fauna and great views. Along the old “Koenig Ludwig Kanal” (King Ludwig Canal) and the “Main-Donau-Kanal” (Main Danube Canal) there are no cars or steep slopes to hamper your trip. You can take a break and enjoy a bite to eat in one of the numerous cosy pubs. A tight network of cycling and hiking trails offers a great choice: round trips, which vary in difficulty, depending on what you are after – a relaxed day out or sporty exercise.

Water Sports and Swimming in the Bavarian JuraWater sports & swimming

In summer there are ample opportunities to take a swim in one of the lakes or outdoor pools of the Bavarian Jura. There are outdoor pools which offer the highest comfort, like the "Schwimm-sala-bim" in Auerbach or the "Wellenbad Juramare" in Parsberg, and there are some more down-to-Earth places like the natural pool "Am Laubenhard" in Hemau.

The Bavarian Jura with the rivers Danube, Altmuehl, Vils and Naab and numerous canals also offer great fun for canoeists.

Winter Sports in the Bavarian JuraWinter sports

The Bavarian Jura Mountains are mainly a summer destination but there are plenty of great things to do on a winter holiday.

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