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Highlights of Bavarian Swabia

Highlights of Bavarian Swabia


View on AugsburgRoman Settlement in 15 B.C., Bavaria’s oldest and Germany’s second oldest city. A Renaissance city well worth seeing; its most famous sons: Jakob Fugger the Rich, Leopold Mozart, Bertolt Brecht, Rudolf Diesel.

Famous Sights: The “Fuggerei” (the world’s oldest coucil estate), the “Augsburger Puppenkiste” (famous marionette theatre) with its new museum, birth houses of Bertolt Brecht and Leopold Mozart, the Renaissance City Hall, “Kaisermeile” (Emperor’s Mile), three magnificent Renaissance-style fountains, the cathedral, Ulrich Churches, and St. Anna Church.

An idyllic city wall complex with defending towers. The Schaezler-Palais. The historic city center of the craftspeople, and its Lech River channels. The zoo, the botanical garden, and the Olympic canoe slalom run. Many other places of Bavarian Swabia are worth a visit, as well; often you will find yourself following Roman footsteps.

The Unique Landscape of the Ries Crater

RiesA meteor created this crater with its 24 km diameter 15 million years ago. Since 2005, the Ries is a “Geopark”. On its Western brim begins a bizarre landscape: the buttes “Ipf”, and “Goldberg” mark the beginnings of  the Swabian Alp which is dominated by Jurassic limestone.

The heaths alongside the Lech mountain river are home to rare animals and plants. The Donauried – a well-known wetland with lowland forests and bogs – follows the Danube River between Neu-Ulm and Donauwörth. The wavy shrubs found in the “Nature Park Augsburg – Westliche Wälder” strongly reminds one of the near Allgäu. For a perfect panoramic view of the Alps, a climb up Bavarian Swabia’s churs spires on foehn days is the best option.



More than 40 attractions and events – More than forty different, racy, and exciting attractions await visitors; numerous shows offer brick-solid entertainment, some of it taking place inside the LEGO Arena that holds up to 800 guests; all shows and attractions are interactive. The LEGO architects used more than 50 million LEGO bricks to create this unique universe and its impressive scenery; it took 25 million bricks alone to build MINILAND, where nationally and internationally famous buildings were re-created: On a 1:20 scale, but remarkably true to the original.

„Land of Knights“, „Land of Adventure“, „Imagination“, “LEGO City”, “LEGO X-treme”, and “Dino Camp”: those names alone promise Legoland segments filled with excitement – and most of all, with fun and entertainment for the whole family. And if so much action quickens the appetite: Seven restaurants (from “Dino-Grill" to “Pizza Mania” and “Knights’ Feast”) can take care of that – at reasonable, family-friendly prices. More Information on Legonland in your Guide-to-Bavaria

A Must for Railway Lovers in Bavarian Swabia

The Bavarian Railway Museum in Nördlingen offers Southern Germany's largest private collection of rail vehicles inside its fifteen stall engine shed.

Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum e.V.
Am hohen Weg 6a
86720 Nördlingen
Phone: +49-9083-340
Fax: +49-9083-388,

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