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County of Cham

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The county of Cham is the easternmost county of the administrative district "Upper Palatinate" in East Bavaria. In the south and south-east it borders the lower Bavarian counties of Straubing-Bogen and Regen. Further neighboring districts are the counties Regensburg in the south-east and Schwandorf in the west and north-west.

The county has been declared development area, according to Bavarian regional development plans, with the aim of “improving regional economic structures”. It is also a development area of the European Union. In the east, it shares a 71.6 km border with the Czech Plzen region. For this reason the area is part of the European programs INTERREG and PHARE.

Geographically, the county belongs almost entirely to the areas of the Upper Palatinate Forest and the Bavarian Forest, which are separated by the Cham-Further Senke (Cham-Furth depression). The Regen River runs through the county from south-east to west. A unique geological phenomenon is the “Pfahl”, an interesting rock formation.

The county is almost identical with the area of the Bavarian Forest Nature Park. With a size of 1,511.87 km² is the 5th largest of the 71 Bavarian counties and the largest of the seven counties of the Upper Palatinate region. The average size of a German county is 985 km².

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