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Hiking Eastern Bavaria

Excercise your body and keep fit by hiking in East Bavaria and discover a hiking region that has not yet been spoilt by mass tourism.

The Bavarian Forest and the Upper Palatinate Forest will not fail to impress you with their scenic beauty and wild unspoilt nature. Experience a walk through mysterious and enchanting woods and maybe you can even catch a glimpse of a lynx.

The symbol for the East Bavarian hiking trails is a hiking boot with wings. It is a combination of the winged sandals of Hermes, the God of hikers and traders, and of the modern, comfortable hiking boot. The blue and white rhomb, a symbol of the state of Bavaria, refers to the favorite place to enjoy real hiking pleasure: “Hiking Bavaria”!

Hiking Region Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest, the „Green Roof of Europe“, is truly a hiking paradise. You can discover the beautiful landscape with its seasonal diversity, get to know the country and its people and enjoy hiking trips within unique surroundings.

In the largest contiguous woody mountains in Central Europe, mountain forests and cultivated landscapes are combined in harmony. The way of living in this area is marked by hospitality and traditions. Discover the unique hiking region of the Bavarian Forest!

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Hiking Region Upper Palatinate Forest

The Upper Palatinate Forest – impressive like a painting and a paradise for hikers. The area is dominated by its enchanting forests, romantic rivers and mysterious lakes: the setting of a fairy tale.

With more than 4000 km of designated hiking trails everyone will find the perfect tour for themselves. Hikers are bound to have a unique hiking experience.

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Historic nature experience in the Bavarian Jura

The Bavarian Jura: another hiking paradise! And yet its landscape is so distinct and markedly different: rough Juressic rocks, romantic meandering rivers and beautiful scenery. You can discover the beauty of the Jura landscapes independently or on marked trails, for example the Rosskopfsteig in the Altmühl Valley. Additionally, there are long-distance trails like the Way of St. James, which leads you along the medieval pilgrims’ paths. Historic nature experience in the Bavarian Jura.

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Walking and Enjoying – Hiking in Lower Bavaria

... shady forests, sunny valleys, fantastic views and endless silence – this is why hiking in the Passau area is so pleasurable. There are marked trails and hiking routes on which you can discover the area. Of course, you can also explore it by yourself and find your own routes. Just don't get lost!

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