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Welcome to Eichstätt


Eichstätt is the Town of Baroque, of Education, a diocesan town, and the center of Nature Park Altmühltal. The harmonious townscape composed of prestigious church architecture and profane buildings, of spacious squares, playful fountains, and dreamy alleys attracts more visitors every year.

The Sights

A baroque townscape, the cathedral (“Mortuarium” with Holbein-windows, Pappenheim altar, sculpture of Saint Willibald), diocesan museum, former residence of the prince-bishop. The former residence with its mirror hall, the former summer residence and its courtyard, the Capuchin church (Holy Grave), the crypt of St. Walburg, Willibald Castle and its Jura Museum (Fossils, Archaeopteryx original, aquaria), museum of early history and prehistory (Mammoth, Roman finds), and the Renaissance gardens „Hortus Eystettensis“; the monastery of Rebdorf (incl. ambulatory), information center of Nature Park Altmühltal, and much more.

As for recreation…

The sights are not limited to arts, culture, and history – nature lovers will also find their personal highlights in this area. And while you’re here, why not hunt for the tenth Archaeopteryx in the public stone pit.

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