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Erding County

Welcome to Erding County

Erding County has been expanding ever since the airport was taken into operation in 1992. Its population grows each year by about 2,000 people. The approx. 123,000 residents are particulary delighted by the diversified nature, its plains in the West, and its hills and forests in the East. Other advantages include the excellent economic condition (one of Germany’s lowest unemployment rates) and the broad range of recreational offerings – among those is the Therme Erding (Erding Spa), Germany’s Number One in the field, according to a 2001 rating by the renowned “Stiftung Warentest”, the leading German consumer report organisation.

Erding County consists of 26 municipalities, administrating several hundred villages. Even though the area has considerably grown as part of the last local government reform, there are fewer independent municipalities. That in turn is due to the reform that was completed in 1978: In 1966, there were 47 municipalities, compared to 33 in 1975. In a simultaneous development, the size of each municipality has increased: The largest ones are the county seat Erding with 33,000 residents, the town of Dorfen with 13,400 residents, and Taufkirchen/Vils with 8,850 residents.


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