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Welcome to Erding


Erding puts a lot of money and care into its gardens and parks. The centrally located town park is the perfect place for citizens of all ages to find peace and serenity. A gravel pond in the town’s north was developed into a local recreation area. Europe's biggest thermal water spa, the 'Thermenwelt Erding' (Spa World Erding), certainly adds to the town's reputation for relaxation and wellness.

A town needs to fulfil its visitors’ needs for leisure activities more than ever, if it wants to succeed in the sector of tourism. Erding certainly does that: A beautiful, quiet town park, sports clubs, a broad range of cultural events, and cozy restaurants are just one aspect of it. The other attractions can be found on the doorstep, so to speak.

No need to drive to the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, just to enjoy the natural beauties of one of Europe’s greatest vacation regions. The untouched charm of Upper Bavaria begins right outside the town gates. Erding lies amidst a healthy, natural environment. Enjoy your walk though the center, along the Sempt River to Altenerding, or to Langengeisling. Or hike through the bog landscape of Erding to experience truly untouched nature.

Don’t let yourself be stopped to explore the surroundings. In spite – or because – of the airport in Erding’s bog landscape, the natural surroundings of Erding are quite charming. Aufhausen Palace – a magnificent “show-off” example of noble architecture - and the many “Palaces of Devotion”; the churches bear witness to Bavarian piety; and so many quiet spots of wonderful nature, silver creeks and gleaming lakes. And in Foehn weather, the Alps appear silhouetted against the horizon. Erding and its surroundings are nothing less than beautiful.

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