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Young city with old tradition

Erlangen KircheWhich Erlangen would you like to experience? The city with the second largest university of Bavaria? Or the future capital city of medicine in Germany? Maybe you are interested in the attractive shopping facilities or in the art and cultural life of Erlangen? Or would you like to know more about one of the best-preserved baroque cities of Germany? All that is Erlangen. Be inspired by the young, dynamic but nevertheless so relaxed atmosphere of Erlangen!!

Despite the city’s first official mentioning in the year 1002, the city’s story of success started comparably late.

In the 17th century the then small town took on Huguenot refugees. Thanks to their settlement, a baroque city according to the latest standards was built. With their “ideal city houses” master builders like Johann Moritz Richter created a perfect setting, in which people today enjoy taking a walk and going shopping.

The margrave castle with its picturesque gardens is the heart of Erlangen’s town centre. Today it is the seat of the Friedrich-Alexander-University, which was founded in 1743 and named after the building’s two former landlords.

ErlangenSince 1945 the city, in which Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Friedrich Rückert, August von Platen and Georg Simon Ohm studied and taught, has been mainly advanced by the Siemens Company. The settlement of Siemens-Schuckert in the basically undestroyed city has paved the way for a blooming industrial location.

In the year 2002 Erlangen could proudly look back on 1000 years of history.

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