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Fischen in Allgäu (Fischen im Allgäu)

Welcome to Fischen in Allgäu

View onto Fischen in Allgäu

Fisher in Fischen

How to get there
By car: B 19; Railway: in town; Bus access

Sports and Nature
Forest and water trail, fishing, walking and hiking paths, swimming pool with 58 m slide, 3 indoor hotel pools open to the public, sports park (tennis, squash, badminton, sauna, solarium), April-December: indoor electric kart track, skittles, small golf course, cross-country ski tracks, ski lifts; curling, ice-skating

Fiskina spa building

Massage in Fischen in Allgäu

Health and Recuperation
Indications: chronic diseases of the bronchial tubes, functional heart and circulation problems, psychosomatic problems, metabolic problems, degenerative diseases of the spine and joints. Prophylactic short health cure, destressing. Indications: one-sided professional stress, lack of movement including fluctuating blood pressure, latent lipid metabolism problems and overweight; "Allgäu Tomesa-Therapy", special therapy for psoriasis and neurodermatitis; Kneipp treatments.

Culture and Tradition
In May: Culture and tradition festival, folk evenings; country theatre, concerts and choral concerts; historic sawmill, "Fischinger Schimuseum".

Tourists' Specials
Family and children's programme, events in the Fiskina spa building, holiday ticket for bus and rail, trips to places of interest, carriage rides, guided hikes and bicycle tours, cycle hire, painting and craft courses; exhibition, ski instruction.

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