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Active Vacations in the Franconian Hills

The Franconian Hills offer a great variety of leisure activities: climbing, horse riding, canoeing and winter sports. In Altdorf near Nuremberg a special hiking guide "Rollstuhlgerechte Wanderwege", which features hiking trails accessible for wheel chairs, is available. If you are interested contact the Stadt Altdorf, Oberer Markt 2, 90518 Altdorf b. Nürnberg.

Hiking in the Franconian Hills


Woken up by bird song, you’ve had a hearty breakfast and now, equipped with a map, a Franconian snack and proper hiking boots, you make your way up to the Moritzberg Mountain, the Schwarznach Gorge, the Rothenberg Mountain, the Pegnitzauen, to one of Germany’s oldest church ruins or just from one valley to the other.

Cycling in the Franconian Hills


Feel the wind in your face whilst you are cycling along the old Ludwig-Donau-Main-Kanals (Ludwig-Danube-Main-Canal) or up the hills towards Rothenberg Castle. There are few other people around and you can really wind down.

Mountain Biking in the Franconian Hills

Mountain Biking

Discover the Franconian Hills by bike: cross country over the Moritzberg Mountain, through forest roads on the high plateaus or on tarred roads between Hersbruck and Lauf.

Water Sports in the Franconian Hills

Water sports

Enjoy the swimming and sauna paradise of the Frankenalb Spa Hersbruck or dive into one of the natural swimming lakes (Birkensee and Happurger Baggersee).

A unique experience is kayaking within beautiful nature, listening to the sounds of ducks and birds. You need some skill to keep the kayak in balance. Especially some stretches of the Pegnitz River can be a bit demanding.


No matter if you catch a trout, a pike or an eel in the Pegnitz, or a carp or zander in the Happurger Reservoir, you’ll love the quiet and natural surroundings in which you can relax and wind down.


Fun & action: Lama Trekking-Team Hersbrucker Alb

A truly unique experience for young and old: Lama trekking! Kids are fascinated when they are allowed to guide a lama and touch their cuddly fur. The animals are easy to guide and very gentle.

Lamatrekking-Team Hersbrucker Alb
Dorfplatz 11
91249 Weigendorf-Haunritz
09154 / 946546

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