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Hundertwasser Tower in Lower Bavarian Abensberg

Art interested travellers can visit one of the last works of the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser while touring Bavaria. At the same time, they can learn about the high art of brewing beer.

Going to Lower Bavaria's Hallertau - the largest connected growing area for hop growing - has become even more interesting than before. In Abensberg, a small city of 13.000 inhabitants, the Kuchlbauer Brewery shows how art and Bavarian beer culture go hand in hand.

The brewery could win over the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser who died in 2000 to an extraordinary architectural project. The artist designed a tower which carries the distinctive architect's trademark. Hundertwasser has become known above all for his architectural form plays. The Austrian and German landscapes show several of his artistic splashes of colour.

So now, Lower Bavaria joins the areas which have one of these curious fantastical buildings; this adds artistic value to a journey to Bavaria. Small oriels with round corners, colourful areas, red pillars and a golden, onion-formed dome form the 35 meter high stony eye catcher that looms on the horizon of Abensberg.

The so called 'Kuchelbauer Turm' (Kuchelbauer Tower) is being used as a brewery museum. It displays 4.200 pale beer glasses - the world's largest collection of this kind. The tower can only be visited in connection with a tour of the brewery. When taking this tour one should not miss the chance of a beer tasting event or of taking in a real Bavarian 'Brotzeit' (a light cold meal called 'bread time') in a beer garden. The brewery unites art and culture at its best and invites visitors to an all-embracing tour. So don’t miss this exclusive and extraordinary event in Lower Bavaria!

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