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County of Kelheim

Welcome to the County of Kelheim

Altmühl Valley and Donaudurchbruch (Danube Gorge)

The holiday area of Altmühl Valley and Danube Gorge is probably one of the most attractive fluvial landscapes in Germany – an adventure park for nature and culture enthusiasts alike. You can discover the impressive scenery on a boat trip, on a hiking excursion or on a cycling tour. The castles and fortresses towering on the wooded hills all tell their own story. Visits to the picturesque villages of the Altmühl valley as well as the amazing Danube Gorge at the Danube River or the famous Weltenburg Monastery also guarantee an amazing stay.

Hops Country Hallertau

The Hallertau holiday destination is the world’s largest contiguous hop growing area. In summer hops reaches lofty heights, forming lush, green networks. The best way to explore this idyllic scenery is on a hiking or biking tour. The attractive historic towns and villages offer numerous interesting and entertaining things to do.

Danube Health Resort Towns of Bad Abbach and Bad Gögging

In the Danube health resort towns of Bad Abbach and Bad Gögging visitors can wind down and relax. No matter if you bathe in the spa “Kaisertherme” (Bad Abbach) or the spa “Limestherme” (Bad Gögging), or if you enjoy one of the numerous health and beauty treatments – you will be amazed by the broad range of possibilities.

Benedictine Abbey Weltenburg

Weltenburg monastery is located at the entrance of the romantic Danube Gorge. It was founded in the year 600 by itinerant monks and is the oldest monasterial settlement of Bavaria.

Culinary treats

The county of Kelheim offers an abundance of culinary treats. Gourmets will love the regional specialties: asparagus, lamb from the Altmühl Valley, venison from the local hunting grounds or the delicious hops sprouts. The area is also famous for its beer brewing tradition. With 17 breweries and 101 different brands the area offers a wide variety of beers, which will satisfy all tastes.


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