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2000 Years of History and a Southern Atmosphere

St. Lorenz

St. Mang'sKempten, the City at the river Iller, offers a large variety as a tourist destination, for city trips, or for “staying forever”. Busy but comfortable and easygoing at the same time, this is how the city can be characterised. It unites tourism, business, industry, education, culture, art and social life in harmony, and it emphasizes leisure and relaxation.

Kempten is located deep in the South of Germany, on the northern edge of the Alps in the health and holiday region “Allgäu”.

The neighbouring countries Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are only a good hour’s drive away, and so is the Bavarian State Capital Munich.

Kempten is an ideal location for trips into the region. Nearby, in a radius of 20 to 60 km you can find, for instance, Oberstdorf and the peaks of the Allgäu Alps, Lake Constance, the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, the beautiful baroque Basilica Ottobeuren and the romantic so-called “Iller corner” (Illerwinkel).

The landscape around Kempten invites you to walking, hiking, swimming, cycling, playing golf and to cross-country skiing.

On warm summer evenings, the Town Hall Square with its many street cafés will remind you of a vibrant Italian piazza; in the German winter it is a picturesque setting for the Christmas market.

Kempten is 2,000 years old but no museum. It is the Museum Mile of Kempten and the Archaeological Park Cambodunum (APC) that make history vivid and tangible.

Kempten is the central shopping opportunity for the whole region. From small, specialised shops to big shopping malls – shopping is fun in Kempten!

Hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes, and private rooms will be happy to provide you with a temporary home.

Travelling and Transport

The most important traffic junction of the Allgäu region, Kempten is easily accessible by rail (Intercity and Eurocity connection) and by road. The A7 motorway Würzburg-Ulm-Füssen passes the city’s edge. Travelling in Kempten and the region is easy with the public transport systems (buses, rail).

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