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Welcome to Königsberg


Königsberg is romantic and picturesque little town that can keep up with tourism magnets like the cities mentioned above. Famous for its timbered buildings but still not overcrowded by tourists the town is nestled in the typical Franconian landscape of meadows and forests, valleys and mountains. The town center is a prospected historic site which boasts listed buildings rich in history. The town’s heritage has been carefully conserved and past and present meet to form a harmonic picture in Königsberg.

KönigsbergIt’s a place to relax and enjoy. A natural place where weeds are still allowed to grow between the cobblestones, where grapevines can grow on the walls of carefully refurbished houses and where you can still feel the atmosphere of the „Rosenmesse“, the roses’ fair.

The Bavarian town of Königsberg is rich in historic sights. Why not take a stroll through the town center, past the Marienkirche (Church of St Mary) and Regiomontanushaus up to the restored ruin of the Staufer Castle from the 12th century. You can watch the glockenspiel (chimes) on the market square, which introduces famous personalities of the town’s history. Don’t miss the arts and crafts court at the historic brew house, where local artists present their works in a permanent exhibition.

Königsberg offers numerous options for leisure activities, from an indoor swimming pool, to large sports facilities, indoor and outdoor tennis courts and a bowling alley.

Königsberg’s surroundings are also worth a visit. In direct vicinity to the town you’ll find a nature experience trail for kids, which has been installed by the Nature park Hassberge. Furthermore, there is an adventure play ground near the Schloßberg (castle hill).

KönigsbergYou could also go hiking along one of the numerous hiking trails, two of which are handicapped accessible. Königsberg is the ideal starting point for the „Straße der Fachwerkromantik“ (Road of timber romance), the „Amtsbotenweg“ (official messenger’s way) or the Kelten–Erlebnis–Weg (Celtic experience trail). Or maybe you prefer to relax at Lake Seidenhaeuser near the city quarter of Altershausen.

Königsberg is not short of culinary treats either. Numerous inns and pubs offer best Franconian cuisine and wines.

Rich in traditions

A great traditional festival is held every year at Whitsun. The highlight of the festival is the presentation of the march of the historic vigilante group from 1848.

KönigsbergEvery Monday after the summer holidays children’s festival is held, during which the famous Katzenkopf-Paar (cat’s heads couple) is presented. When the days get shorter the „Hätscherkloßen“ wander through town, reminding people of the great fire that devastated the town during the Thirty Years’ War.

The second Sunday in December is traditionally the day of the Christmas Marked organized by the local clubs.

Furthermore there are of course numerous festivals in each quarter of town. Another specialty to mention is the baking of bread and cakes, like the Zwiebelplootz (onion pie) and the cheese cake, in the old bakeries.

Video with Impressions from Königsberg

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