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LEGOLAND® Günzburg

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The huge park covers an area of 25 football fields. It is divided into seven different theme areas, in which young and old can discover interesting things in experimentation centers, have fun on roller coasters and on water fun-rides and watch entertaining shows. The whole family can embark on an interesting and exciting discovery tour of LEGOLAND.

The center piece of the park is the MINILAND. With more than 25 Million LEGO stones, famous European cities and landscapes have been rebuilt in great detail in a scale of 1:20. Just press a button and people, animals, cars, ships, trains and airplanes start moving and making sounds.

Be active and participate at LEGOLAND

Being active is the motto at LEGOLAND Germany. Young inventors can create and program their own LEGO robots at the LEGO MINDSTORMS™ Center. Architects-to-be can build the highest skyscrapers at the “LEGO Bau und Test Center” (Building and Testing Center). At the Kids Power Tower you can pull yourself up into lofty heights and from the Tret-o-Mobil you can view the park from above, whilst determining the speed of the ride yourself by how fast you pedal. Don’t miss our LEGO factory, where you can see how LEGO stones are produced. Every visitor can take one stone as a souvenir!

All year round there are various events for you to participate in. How about joining in with the building of the biggest LEGO flower bed? Or maybe you would like to make music in one of our “Long Nights”. Young heroes love the Native Indian camp where they can practice throwing the lasso.

LEGOLAND® Deutschland GmbH
Günzburg/Allgäu/ Bayerisch-Schwaben
89312 Günzburg
Telefon: 08221/700700
Telefax: 08221/700155


Picture credits: LEGOLAND Deutschland

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