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Bicycle Tours and Long Distance Cycling Trails in Lower Bavaria

Hundreds of kilometers of tourist biking trails wait to be explored in Lower Bavaria. Many biking trails are suitable for cycling with children and for day trips. Several biking trails, for example the Isarradweg, start in Upper Bavaria and continue in and extend into Lower Bavaria. Further details on the tours listed below can be found in the German version of the Guide-to-Bavaria or inquired after at the respective local tourist information.

Cycling in Lower Bavaria

Abens Trail

65 km
In Neustadt a.d. Donau/Bad Goegging, the Abens Trail branches off from the Danube Trail, leading towards Rudelzahusen in Abens Valley. From there on, it is marked as Isar-Abens Trail.


39 km
This trail is an extension of the Danube-Ilz Trail and takes you from Roehrnbach to Waldkirchen, Jandelsbrunn, Neureichenau, and Haidmuehle.


48 km
The varied landscape is a notable feature of this trail which passes forests, historical buildings, and numerous habitats.

Danube-Regen Route

39 km
Almost forty kilometers for cyclists to enjoy amidst charming nature and many opportunities for a hearty snack.

Danube/Illz Trail

55 km
The Danube-Ilz Trail takes you on flat paths from Niederalteich – where it meets with the Danube Trail and, at the cyclists' ferry, with the Isar Trail – to Hengersberg where it ends at the former railroad trail Hengersberg-Eging-Kalteneck.

Danube-Forest Trail

59 km
This route is a true challenge for every athletic, ambitious bike hiker.

Danube Trail

434 km
This route between Neu-Ulm and Hoechstadt a.d. Donau uses low-traffic-roads, paths and unsurfaced routes, leading you along the River Danube through the vast Danube Valley.

„Green Roof“ Trail

299 km
The “Green Roof“ Trail gives the interested cyclist access to a large number of major cycle paths in the Bavarian-Czech border region.

Inn Trail

246 km
The trail runs on paved, easy, and family-friendly paths by the river, off the streets.

Isar-Laber Trail

27 km
Starting in Neufahrn in Lower Bavaria, this trail takes you to Landshut, connecting the Laber Valley Trail (and the Laber-Abens Trail) and the Isar Trail.

Isar Trail

294 km
For the larger part, this trail is close to the River Isar on paved, easy-to-drive trails; part of the way south of Wolfrathshausen runs on low-traffic roads across a rolling countryside.

Isar-Vils Trail

24 km
The Isar-Vils Trail takes you from Landshut to Vilsbiburg, connecting the Isar Trail and the Vils Valley Trail.

Laber-Abens Trail

36 km
The Laber-Abens Trail connects the Abens Trail at Abensberg with the Laber Valley Trail at Neufahrn in Lower Bavaria.

Laber Valley Trail

42 km
Probably the most relaxing and healthiest way to get to know the Gauboden region, its people, and their hospitality.

National Reserve Trail

75 km
This trail not only passes through charming towns and villages of the Bavarian Forest – where you’ll be tempted to take a break and go for a stroll – but also numerous interesting facilities for visitors of the National Reserve.

Kelheim-Abensberg Trail

19 km
Not surprisingly, the Kelheim-Abensberg Trail takes you from Kelheim to Abensberg, connecting the Danube Trail and the Abens Trail, and passing Saal a.d. Donau on the way.

Regen Valley Trail

161 km
The Regen Valley Trail leads along close to the Regen River, from Regensburg to Roding, Cham, and Miltach across idyllic meadows.

Rott-Inn Trail

21 km
Connecting the Inn Trail with the Rott Valley Trail, the Rott-Inn Trail takes you from Eggenfelden to Neuoetting. Parts of the trail consist of bicycle lanes, others of low-traffic roads; the ascending slopes are of a medium level of difficulty.

Rott Valley Trail

94 km
The interesting routing makes for the special charm of this trail.

Tour de Baroque

93 km
On low-traffic roads, this trail leads from Neumarkt in the Upper Palatine to Bergau (meeting the Franconian Lakes Trail) and Freystadt; parts of the trail are slightly uphill.

Vils Valley Trail

88 km
The Vils Valley Trail takes you acorss the Vils Valley, from Vilsbiburg to Reisbach, Aldersbach, and finally Vilshofen, where it meets the Danube Trail.

Vils-Rott Trail

23 km
This trail starts at Vilsbiburg and ends in Neumarkt-Sankt Veit, connecting the Vils Valley Trail and the Rott Valley Trail.

Forest Trail

26 km
The Forest Trail takes you from Patersdorf where it branches off from the Regen Valley Trail, to Deggendorf via Ruhmannsfelden, Gotteszell, and Grafling; in Deggendorf it meets both the Danube Trail and the Isar Trail.

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