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Bicycle Tours and Long Distance Cycling Trails in Lower Franconia

Delightful landscape expects you along the river Main and in the Steigerwald on the long distance cycling trails in Lower Franconia. Try the family-friendly route of the 3-States-Trail - the towns Amorbach and Miltenberg are definitely worth a visit! Further details on the tours listed below can be found in the German version of the Guide-to-Bavaria or inquired after at the respective local tourist information.

Cycling in Lower Franconia

3 States Trail

32 km
Most of this route is kept separated from street traffic; only the part between Weilbach and Amorbach leads along a low-traffic local road.

Aalbach Trail

32 km
The Aalbach Trail takes you from Wuerzburg across the lovely Aalbach Valley to the Aalbach’s opening into the Main River.

Brend Valley Trail

26 km
This trail crosses the Brend Valley on the old disused railway between Bischofsheim a.d. Rhoen and Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale; the few climbs are negligible.

Long Distance Trail - Rhoen-Grabfeld-Hassberge-Main Valley

153 km
This route – also known by the name Saale Valley Trail – takes you from Gemuenden a. Main in the lovely Saale Valley to Bad Koenigshofen i. Grabfeld.

„Gaubahn“ Cycle Touring Route

25 km
Yet another trail along a disused railway - the “Gaubahn“. It takes you out of the Main Valley, through the Ochsenfurter Gau, into the Tauber Valley.

Main-Steigerwald Trail

88 km
The Main-Steigerwald Trail leaves the Main Valley heading to the foot of Steigerwald, and then follows the mountainscape until it returns to the valley at Sand a. Main.

Main-Werra Cycle Touring Route

113 km
This route leads through the rolling landscape of the Main Triangle, a very interesting region.

River Main Trail

401 km
In August 2004, the Main Valley Trail merged with the Main Valley Cycle Touring Trail to form the Main Trail.

Rhoen-Sinn Valley - Streu Valley: Cycle Touring Trail

118 km
Going across the scenic Sinn Valley, this trail eventually takes you to Wildflecken.

Romantic Road

359 km
The “Romantic Road” trail follows the famous tourist route from Wuerzburg to Fuessen.

Kahl Valley-Spessart Cycle Touring Trail

70 km
The Kahltal-Spessart trail leads from where the river Kahl flows into the river Main, through the lovely Kahl valley to the Kahl source. 

From the Main to the Aisch

49 km
This track conncets the valleys of the Main and Aisch Rivers.

Wern Valley Cycle Touring Trail

52 km
This trail leads from where the river Wern flows into the river Main to Ettleben across the lovely Wern Valley.

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