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Welcome to Marktschellenberg


Marktschellenberg is a dreamy mountain village, and a paradise for families and those looking for relaxation. Quiet mountain farms, cottages, and vacation homes can be found here, up to an altitude of 1,000 meters.

Spend your vacation on one of those farms, and enjoy the hospitality of the locals who are deeply enrooted in their tradition. When the local people host a folkloric evening in Marktschellenberg or when bands dressed in their traditional costumes play Bavarian folkmusic, you can experience the true, hearty rural customs.

The village of Schellenberg –originally founded to enhance salt mining - was awarded with the “Market”-status as early as in the 13th century. Another industry sector was Untersberg marble, which was mostly used to produce marbles, a popular toy at the time. In Germany’s last marbles factory you can watch how this now lost craft was once done.

Recommended hiking and excursion destinations include the wildly romantic Almbachklamm Gorge, and Germany’s largest glacial cave in Untersberg. Worth seeing is the pilgrimage church “Visitation of Mary” in Ettenberg, with its four-meter high Statue of St. Christopher.

A peaceful afternoon spent fishing in the Ache River can be a treat to the soul, while the heated outdoor pool is fun for the whole family. For a taste of urban culture, the Festival and Mozart City of Salzburg is only 15 car (or bus) minutes away.

Marktschellenberg is also a climatic health resort, offering its visitors “health weeks” in spring, with medically supervised body purification programmes. To enhance vitality and regeneration, whey and wheat baths are also on offer. You can go on extensive hiking tours around the surrounding high mountain ranges; a skilled guide can accompany you with no extra charge. An adventure afternoon on a farm and many other events complete the comprehensive range of events.


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