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County of Mühldorf on River Inn (Mühldorf am Inn)

Welcome to the County of Mühldorf on River Inn

Inn im Hochnebel im Landkreis Mühldorf

The location
The county of Mühldorf am Inn is part of the administrative district of Upper Bavaria. In the north it borders on the administrative district of Lower Bavaria, so the county’s border is at the same time the border of the administrative district. The Lower Bavarian neighbours are the counties of Landshut and Rottal-Inn. The neighbours in East Bavaria are the counties of Altötting in the east, Traunstein and Rosenheim in the south and Ebersberg and Erding in the west.

The area/expansion
With an expansion of 805.31 square kilometres, the county of Mühldorf am Inn is ranked 44th amongst the 71 Bavarian counties. It comes in 10th amongst the 20 counties of Upper Bavaria. Approx. 8 square kilometres of “foreign” area, which –unlike the rest of the area - does not belong to any community, is also part of the county: the forests in the Mühldorfer Hart.

The county’s rivers
Amongst other things, the county obtains its typical character by the rivers that run through it. The first to mention is the river Inn, which crosses the county from Gars on River Inn (Gars am Inn) in the south-west to the area east of Mühldorf. North of Jettenbach, on the left hand side, the Inn Channel branches off. Its water is used for the production of electricity. The channel flows back into the Inn near Töging on River Inn (Töging am Inn) in the county of Altötting.

Der Inn im Landkreis Mühldorf

Another important river is the Isen, which comes from the county of Erding and reaches the county of Mühldorf on River Inn near Dorfen. The Isen winds its way through the region and leaves it near Töging, having spread into many small streams. Near Neuötting the Isen flows into the Inn. The northern part of the county is crossed by the river Rott. It originates near the county border in Wurmsham and crosses the county area in a north-eastern direction. There are many tributary streams that flow into the Rott, especially from a northern and north-western direction.

The climate in the county of Mühldorf on River Inn is moderate, as the warmth coming from the Inn Valley causes balanced temperature conditions. The annual average temperature is 8 degrees Celsius, with 30 to 40 summer days with heights of at least 25 degrees Celsius. There are approx. 1640 hours of sunshine a year and about 30 so called „ice days“ with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, even at daytime. The annual average amount of precipitation is approx. 897 mm. In the south, in the area of the Alpenstau, it is about 100 to 200 mm higher, in the Inn Valley it is slightly lower.

These are the geological conditions that influence the county of Mühldorf on River Inn

The tertiary hill country north of the Isen Valley
The 14 to 9-million-years old sediments of the tertiary hill country consist of shingle, sand and marls of the upper fresh water molasse, the youngest layer of the tertiary. Especially characteristic are the “asymmetric valleys” that lead to the rivers Isen and Rott. The large loess clay floors offer good conditions for intensive agriculture.

The wide valley planations of the young Pleistocene and Holocene terraces
The „Mühldorfer Schotterfeld“ is strongly influenced by the Inn Valley with its large meanders and the Würm glaciation gravel terraces (low terraces), which form the wide plains east of Gars am Inn to Bierwang and the planations on which Waldkraiburg, Ampfing and Altmühldorf are located.

The old moraine and high terraces landscape north and north-east of Haag to Aschau (Isener Altmoränen), respectively east of the river Inn (Alzplatte)
The area north of Gars on River Inn to the area north of Haag as well as the surrounding area of Grünthal are strongly influenced by the old moraines, which are mainly covered by massive clay blankets. The high, undulating crests, which are pervaded by some small runlets, tower high above the low terrace.

The young moraine landscape of the Inn glacier
The Rainbach Valley is the visual border between the high old moraine in the north and the young moraine in the south. Between Maitenbeth in the west and Gars on River Inn in the east, the landscape is strongly influenced by young moraines from the Würm glaciation. The terminal moraine crest of the Würm glaciation can be seen especially well around Haag. The area is influenced by countless bumps and basins, troughs and caldera-like formations (Toteiskessel).

Benedict trail
On the trail of the Bavarian Pope
In August 2005 the 224-kilometre-long Benedict cycle trail was inaugurated with the blessing of Cardinal Friedrich Wetter from Munich. The tour, which connects the places of the childhood and youth of Joseph Ratzinger, starts and ends in Altötting.


Landkreiskarte Mühldorf

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