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County of Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate (Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz)

Welcome to the County of Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate

The county of Neumarkt (Upper Palatinate) is the westernmost county of Upper Palatinate. It borders on Middle Franconia in the west, Upper Bavaria in the south-west and Lower Bavaria in the south. The main part of the county belongs to the geographic region of the Franconian Hills and is called Upper Palatinate Jura.

The neighboring counties are the Nuremberg country to the north-west, Roth to the south-west, Eichstätt and Kelheim to the south, Regensburg to the south-east, Schwandorf to the east and Amberg-Sulzbach to the north-east. The county’s central location in the heart of Bavaria is marked by a stone in the Breitenbrunn forest, which symbolizes the geographical center of Bavaria. The county as it is today was formed in the regional government reform on the 1st July 1972. It comprises the former counties of Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate without the market town of Kast, large parts of the former counties of Hilpoltstein and Riedenburg as well as the the new district seat of Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate. The county of Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate is a region of development. It combines tradition and future, rural and urban structures as well as traditions and progress.

The number of inhabitants has grown to about 127 000 inhabitants in the past ten years. This trend goes to show how attractive and popular the area of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz is.

The county covers a surface of 1,344 km² and thus makes up almost two percent of the surface of the Bavarian State. The density of population is with about 94 inhabitants per km² clearly lower than the German average of 173 inhabitants per km². The county is one of the most sparsely populated areas of Bavaria. 

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