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Neustadt on River Danube

Welcome to Neustadt on River Danube

Spätgotisches Rathaus in Neustadt

Neustadt on the Danube, the town with the oldest charter in Bavaria, is located half way between Regensburg and Ingolstadt, in a landscape characterized by the flood plains of the rivers Abens and Danube as well as by dense woodland.

There are several testimonies documenting Neustadt’s historical importance and the early settlement that took place in the area. Traces can be found from the Stone Age, the Hallstadt period, the Celtic original inhabitants, the Romans, the Germanic tribes, the Bavarii progenitors and early Christianity.

Of the 13 suburbanized districts (Arresting, Eining, Geibenstetten, Heiligenstadt, Hienheim, Irnsing, Marching, Mauern, Mühlhausen, Schwaig, Sittling, Ulrain) Bad Gögging is probably the most important. It used to be a Roman spa 2000 years ago and due to the three natural elements (sulphur, moor mud and mineral thermal spring) occurring there, it has become a popular health resort.

St. Wolfgang's in ArrestingTower ruin in Marching Roman Fort in Eining

All year round countless events and cultural activities take place in Neustadt. One special element is the city partnership with Recoaro Terme.

Throughout the centuries numerous famous people have stayed in Neustadt on the Danube, amongst them the “prince of poets” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Amongst Neustadt’s countless sights are the fortification, where 3 of originally 7 towers have been preserved, the town wall, houses of craftsmen and farming citizens, the parish church St. Laurentius, the late-gothic town hall and the city partnership monument Recoaro-Neustadt. In addition, the town offers a high leisure and recreational value with countless sports and culture opportunities. Combined with the successful attempts to create employment, Neustadt guarantees highest living quality to its inhabitants and recreation to its visitors.

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