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County of Upper Allgäu (Oberallgäu)

Welcome to the County of Upper Allgäu

The county of Oberallgäu or Upper Allgaeu is located in the Bavarian administrative district of Swabia. It is the southernmost county of Germany. The south-western and south-eastern border of the county is the national border to Austria. In the south the county borders the customs union area of Kleines Walsertal. To the west of the county there is the Bavarian-Swabian county of Lindau, further up north the county meets the county of Baden-Wurttemberg. Neighbors to the north are the Unterallgäu county, to the east the Ostallgäu county.

The Oberallgäu area altitude levels lie between 622m and 2 649m above sea level. Its most distinct mountains are the Grünten, also known as the „guardian of the Allgäu“, the Hochvogel, the Hochfrottspitze, which is also the highest mountain of the Oberallgäu (2 649 m), the Mädelegabel, the Trettachspitze, the Große Daumen and the Biberkopf. Particularly characteristic for the Oberallgäu area are the Grasberge (Grass Mountains), the Höfats with their abundance of edelweiss and the Schneck with its steep grass slopes.

In addition, there are the Flyschberge Mountains with their rich flora, the Hörnergruppe, with one of Germany’s best skiing mountains, the Riedberger Horn and the green meadows and forests of the foothills. In between there are numerous lakes and lovely valleys, which make this area so special. The area is full of geographic specialties, and this is why there are ten nature reserves and 25 landscape conservation areas, which all together cover almost 40% of the county’s surface area.

There are 90 natural monuments and protected areas of landscape. The majority of the county’s inhabitants live in villages and hamlets. The county has approximately 149,000 inhabitants in a surface area of 1,528 km2, which equals a population density of 97 inhabitants per km2. The county is a public body, a „regional authority“, made up of 28 communities.

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