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Passau County

Welcome to Passau County

The county is situated in southeastern Bavaria and geografically devided into two parts: North of River Danube streches the southern Bavarian Forest, to the south of the river lies the hilly landscape between Danube and Rott-, Inn- and Vils-Valley.


Passau County is situated at an intersection of important medieval trading routes through Europe. Many castles and palaces bear witness to this fact, for example the Neuburg (1025 errected by the Vornbach Family) or Ortenburg palace (chapel with renaissance panelling).

Almost six million overnight stays are counted in Passau County each year. Tourist centers are: the Rott Valley Spa Triangle (Bad Griesbach, Bad Füssing and Bad Birnbach) as well as the small towns and places Hauzenberg, Kellberg, Wegscheid, Windorf and Kirchham.


There are numerous sights to be seen in Passau county, particularly churches like the minister Mariä Himmelfahrt in Aldersbach (major work by the Asam brothers); former Cistercian convent church Fürstenzell; pilgrimage church in Sammarei (in it you will find a chapel with over 1.000 votive tablets); "Siebenschläfer" church in Rotthof (stucco altar by Johann Baptist Modler).


Branch museum of the Bavarian National Museum; Ceramics museum Obernzell palace; former Benedictine Abbey Asbach;

Local museums like the weaving museum in Breitenberg; Toll and customs museum in Wegscheid;

Private Museums: Brewery museum in Aldersbach; Museum village Bavarian Forest in Tittling; Mining museum of the black lead mine Kropfmühl and many more.

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