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Life on Three Rivers

Passau - Three River City

Passau thrives on its eventful history and its lively presence. Epoches of past milleniums have left their marks on this openminded and culturally active city and its inhabitants.

Passau - Three River CityPassau - Three River CityThis is the reason for the large variety of interesting historic sites, that this city has to offer.

The “oldtown” is marked by its Italian-baroque-style architecture. This is why this city is also called “Venice of Bavaria”.

Yet Passau has more to offer than its historical past. It is also a center of culture and arts.

From biting cabaret to the wellknown festival of the “European Weeks” to the most famous exhibitions in its galleries and museums, the city offers unusual entertainment for every taste.

An unique way to discover the city is on one of its 3-river cruises. You can also embark on a cruise on the river Donau for several days, going as far as Vienna or Budapest.

So, due to its cultural life and its history, this city remains excitingly young.

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