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Visitors from near and far love the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark; the concept of this 90,000 m² leisure park is unique. The motto of this playing paradise in Zirndorf is: do things yourself and be active instead of waiting in line!

Huge PLAYMOBIL worlds like the pirate ship, the knight’s castle, a jungle ruin, a Native Indian’s village, a gold mine, a farm and a tree house with enchanted fairy spring inspire the kids’ imagination. A broad variety of play equipment and playing meadows provide a hands-on, real-life experience. No matter if climbing or balancing - in our roofed climbing garden with lights’ maze or on the giant Okta climbing net kids find an exciting challenge.

The latest attraction in the FunPark is the 5000 m² big HOB-Center. In the indoor area kids can discover wild Vikings, modern city life, a romantic fairy tale castle with rough-and-ready knights and play with original PLAYMOBIL in the huge 1,500-m²-big PLAYMOBIL play world.
Each of the 800 seats offers a great view of the play world and the stage. The show stage’s motto “Entertainment – Action – Joining in” includes everything kids and their parents love, from a family quiz and children’s aerobics exercises to a kid’s disco and a puppet theater. The restaurants and cafes in the HOB-Centre offer family-friendly prices, a broad variety of dishes and high-quality food. Enjoying your meal in a relaxed atmosphere will mark another highlight of your day at the PLAYMOBIL FunPark.

For visitors who are planning to stay a little bit longer the Aparthotel PLAYMOBIL-Inn offers family-friendly accommodation.

(Reservations under: 0049 911 999 188-0 or email: inn@playmobil.de)

Further information, hotline: 0911/9666700

Zirndorf / Franken
Brandstätterstr. 2-10
90513 Zirndorf
Telefon: 0911/9666-455
Telefax: 0911/9666-419


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