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Welcome to Regensburg

Obere BachgasseRegensburg CathedralFamous men and women fell in love at first glance with Regensburg, were seduced by its pleasant people, fascinating buildings and the unrivalled charm of its alleys and squares.

Regensburg is one of the oldest towns in Germany.

Since the stone-ages, settlers lived in its so-called "Donaubogen" (Danube Arch). The oldest name of a settlement is the celtic expression “Radasbona”. 

Written testimonies of its history begin with the set-up of a Roman “castellum”, actually a kind of barracks for their soldiers around 79 AD in the part of town that is today called “Kumpfmühl”.

WalhallaThe already mentioned celtic settlements had been there for centuries before the Romans came, naming the city  “Ratasbona” or “Ratisbona”.

City of towers, city of dreams. The incredible amount of 1200 historical buildings stand close by each other in Regensburg's oldtown.

This city wants to tell a tale! Accept this offer, because there are not many cities, that invite their guests so openheartedly and passionately into what they experienced.

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