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Welcome to the County of Rottal-Inn

The county of Rottal-Inn was formed during the regional government reform in 1972 and is made up of the former counties of Eggenfelden (with the exception of five communities) and Pfarrkirchen as well as two communities from the former counties of Griesbach and Vilsbiburg. The administrative center is Pfarrkirchen. The Rottal-Inn county is located in the southern part of the administrative district of Lower Bavaria. The border to Austria is marked by the river Inn. Geographically, the county mainly belongs to the Inn-Isar hill country.

The river Rott crosses the county from west to east and divides it into two similarly sized parts. The numerous valleys of the rivers Inn and Rott divide the landscape into many hills and crests (tertiary hill country). The lowest points are at about 335 meters above sea level, whilst the highest point, the Schellenberg mountain near Simbach am Inn with its 549 m above sea level is the highest elevation in the country and also in the area between Bavarian Forest and Alpine foothills.

Over many centuries the natural forests have been eroded and replaced by fields and farmland. Today the land is mainly used for agriculture and is also characterized by the numerous scattered hamlets and small settlements.

The county of Rottal-Inn covers an area of about 1,280 km2. 117 000 inhabitants live in 31 communities, which means that the population density ranges around 90 inhabitants per km2.

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