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Start of the Alpine Skiing Season 2011/2012 in Bavaria

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow – no, this is not Frank Sinatra singing, this is a skier's prayer! If the weather god will answer this prayer, it will soon be time for skiing. The skiing areas in Upper Bavaria, in the Bavarian Forest and in the Allgäu are getting prepared now for a hopefully white season.
Like each year, the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain, starts the season with the SchneeFEST (Snow Festival). If you want to take part in this festival you will be able to choose from several special offers which will include the lift ticket. Moreover, special events like a so called 'Rocker Skitest' or a Ski Training will be offered plus rebates on rental fees for ski equipment or on meals.

The Tegernsee region celebrates the opening of the season with the 'Tegernseer Winteropening'. From 9. to 11. December there will be several events in the towns of Bad Wiessee, Gmund, Kreuth, Rottach-Egern, and Tegernsee. Among these are a ski training or rides with a horse or a dog sleigh. Moreover, rebates are granted on the use of many leisure facilities.

Shortly before Christmas, Lenggries at Brauneck Mountain has its ski opening celebration. On December, 12., kids and youth up to 16 years can use the skilifts for free and ski equipment can be rented for half the usual price. There will also be some fun activities and a prize draw.

On 18. December, the use of the ski lifts in the Sudelfeld-resort near Bayrischzell will be free for kids.

Following you will find the start dates of the best-known ski regions in Bavaria. Mind that the schedule is subject to the actual weather conditions! We advise you to call the local tourist boards or ski lift operators if you are in doubt whether the weather conditions will actually allow skiing. All information is without guarantee for completeness and correctness.

Upper Bavaria

Winklmoosalm / Reit im Winkl

November, 26.


November, 27.


December, 03.

Tegernseer Winteropening

December, 09.

Bischofswiesen Götschen

December, 10.

Mittenwald Kranzberg

December, 15.

Chiemgau Hochfelln

December, 17.

Königssee Jenner



December, 18.

Oberammergau Laber

December. 25.

Aschau Kampenwand

December, 25.




December, 02.

Bad Hindelang Oberjoch/Unterjoch

December, 03.


December, 03.

Bolsterlang Hörnerbahn

December, 03.


December, 03.

Alpspitzbahn Nesselwang

December, 03.

Oberstdorf Nebelhorn

December, 10.


December, 16.

Alpsee Bergwelt

December, 21.


Bavarian Forest


December, 01.

Frauenberg Dreisessel

December, 03.

Großer Falkenstein

December, 03.

Bischofsmais Geißkopf

December, 03.


December, 03.

Bayerisch-Eisenstein/Großer Arber

December, 09.

St. Englmar Pröller Skidreieck

December, 15.


December, 17.

St. Oswald Riedlhütte

December, 27.


You will find more tipps for winter activities in our special Active Winter Vacation in Bavaria.

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