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The Southern Municipal Park (Südstadtpark)

The Southern Municipal Park Erlangen

After the withdrawal of the American troops, the grounds of the former William-O.-Darby-Barracks in the south of Fürth were turned into a large park area. The geometrically designed park with a size of 100 000 square metres was inaugurated in 2004. In the park there are several playgrounds and sports facilities, including a play area for teenagers with a climbing wall, a skate park, a street ball field, three boule and petanque alleys, coulourful play hills as well as a water play ground. The park‘s large activity play ground is equipped with extraordinary play sculptures donated by a Munich-based artist.

The rectangular park is framed by 30-metres-wide rows of trees. The strictly symmetrical shape of the park grounds is not only a reminder of the former military usage of the grounds, but is also in accordance with Fürth’s tradition of large city gardens, like the Hornschuchpromenade or the Stadtpark with their long rows of trees.

The Southern Municipal Park was built within three years and cost about 5.3 Mio Euros. The former gymnasium of the American troops, which is located right next to the park grounds, was turned into a modern market hall, which also hosts concerts, sports events and arts exhibitions: the Grüne Halle (Green Hall).

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