Magical Spring in the Bavarian Forest

Enjoy the Springtime in the Bavarian Forest!

Danube Island in Metten

As a holiday guest in the most popular tourist region of Bavaria you can enjoy the spring with all your senses. Cycling, jogging, playing golf, hiking and Nordic Walking will bring you into full swing - especially in the springtime! Surrounded by unique nature your body and soul will come into harmony. What can be more beautiful than witnessing the awakening of nature in the springtime and observing how the unique plant life of the Bavarian Forest awakens from its deep winter sleep.

Especially in the spring many accommodation facilities in the Bavarian Forest offer all-inclusive packages. No matter what kind of accommodation you are looking for, you will certainly find lodging facilities that match your expectations. You can choose between apartments, guest houses, basic and luxury hotels, or even private lodging. Whether you are planning an active vacation, a family holiday or a relaxing spa and wellness vacation, the accommodation directory of the Bavarian Forest always has what you need for your vacation in the Bavarian Forest - here you can always find the ideal holiday destination.

In the Bavarian Forest You Can Find Bears - Not Only in Springtime

Are you looking for special family vacations in the wild nature of the Bavarian Forest? Then the National Park region of the Bavarian Forest, also known as the Bear Region, is the ideal holiday destination for you. Awesome holidays are guaranteed by the "Bear Towns" Grafenau and Neuschönau. Because there is a bear in its coat of arms, the health resort town Grafenau is regarded as the "Bear Capital" of the Bavarian Forest. In Grafenau there is summer toboggan run and a public wave pool.

Very close nearby is Neuschönau, the "Bear Resort". An animal outdoor enclosure gives home not only to bears, but also to wolves, lynx, and other fair game. In Neuschönau you will also find the longest treetop trail in the world where you cannot only hike in dizzying heights but also learn a lot about the nature of the Bavarian Forest.

The Small Arber Lake in the Spring - A Wonder of Nature

Small Arber Lake

Take part in a natural and cultural history hike to the most beautiful lake of the Bavarian Forest, the Small Arber Lake. Accompanied by a guide, the hike from the parking lot of the Reiss-bridge, over the Moos-cabin to the Small Arber Lake and back takes approximately two hours. Anyone interested should register by phone at +49-9971-78-394.

The organizer of this guided hike is the Natural Park of the Upper Bavarian Forest. For more information and other interesting events, visit the official website of the Bavarian Forest National Park.

All Children Have Soooooo Much Fun Here!

For our young guests there are some special hiking trails that are tailored to the needs of children and allow them to explore the Bavarian Forest. Here they can discover, climb, scramble, look, smell and feel - everything for a great and memorable day in the nature.

Among the special hiking recommendations for children there is, for example, the Swing Path ("Schaukelweg") in Breitenberg, with a total of 18 swings on a path of 5.3 km, inviting visitors for leisurely picnics. This path offers a magnificent view of the Bohemian forest and the Muehlviertel. The path may also be traveled with baby carriages and therefore it is suitable for families with young children.

On the Health Path Rusel you can experience nature with your eyes, nose and ears. This loop route of 2.5 km takes you through several stations. At the station "experience with all senses" you can learn to see with your soles on various soils or in the water. The Buzzing Rock at the "sound station" takes you on an acoustic journey. Other places invite you to relax and recharge your batteries in nature.

A Look at the Bavarian Forest

Take a look at the current weather in the Bavarian forest through a large number of web cams in the Bavarian Forest. From the Arber to Spiegelau and Passau, you can view the Bavarian Forest through many webcams. This way you can see exactly whether the spring has already come, or whether skiing is still possible in the high altitudes of the Arber. The diverse nature here has everything you could wish for.

Further information

You can find much more information about the Bavarian forest in the official portal of the Tourism Association of Eastern Bavaria at

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