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St. Peter (Alter Peter)

Alter Peter

Munich's oldest parish church. The church tower is one of Munich's landmarks. St. Peter or - as the locals say - the Alte Peter (Old Peter) is probably the most popular church in Munich.

The church holds important artworks of all styles, for example the gothic Schrenk altar from 1400, a baroque baptistery by Krumper and the rococo side-altars by Ignaz Günther.

Excavation works in 1958 brought to light that there used to be a romanesque vault even before the foundation of the city in 1158. The church as it is today had been built above and changed throughout the centuries. The interior goes mainly back to redocorations in the 18th century rococo style, the outside, however, dates partly back to 14th century renaissance.

After World War II., St. Peter was reconstructed and restored. A process which took until 1975.

If you want to enjoy a view over Munich's Old Town you'll first have to climb no less than 306 steps to St. Peter's church tower. The view, however, is your reward.

Alter Peter
Rindermarkt 1 
80331 München

Phone: +49 - (0)89-2604828

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