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Welcome to Starnberg

Lake Starnberg boardwalk

The Happiest Place in Germany

Blue water, green trees – Lake Starnberg is certainly one of Germany’s most beautiful locations.

It comes as no surprise therefore, that Starnberg also has the happiest residents of the country. The castle of Starnberg is visible from afar; set on a hill it offers great views of the lake.

There is a lot to see:

Welcome to StarnbergThe St. Joseph Church featuring a Rococo-style high altar by Ignaz Guenther, the grave of writer Gustav Meyrink, the St. Valentine Church with a glass painting from 1493, and the museum of local history, hosted inside a former farm house from 1693, featuring a “Bucentaur” model (the prime ship model of the Wittelsbach nobility from the 17th century) and Rococo sculpture by Ignaz Guenther. 

But there is a lot to do even for those less interested in local culture: For instance a walk on the beautiful boardwalk, or maybe a cruise on the lake.

The water park with its outdoor beach and indoor pools, with sauna and solarium gives you the option of swimming or just kicking back. With some luck, you can use the frozen lake in winter for ice skating or to take a walk on it.

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